meet MIMOSA is a performance collective that deals with the state we experience, when our perception of the self or of the world is shaken. It searches a  constructive handling of the consequent unsettlement. The project adds to critical academic discourses with movement, poetry and human presence. It takes heed of emerging emotions, physical reactions and states, researches them and creates through performance a space in which they can be felt and shared. 

meet MIMOSA are Eva Isolde Balzer, Laura Werres and André Vollrath and a changing team of experts. Since its foundation in 2012 meet MIMOSA’s focus are performances/workshops around the experience of privilege/discrimination, especially along the axes of race/whiteness and ability/disability. Most of their formats are site-specific, immersive or special performances for conferences/political contexts. Amongst the main Collaborators were Sharon Dodua Otoo, Nora Amin, Philipp Khabo Köpsell, Saioa Alvarez Ruiz, Pasquale Virginie Rotter, Adham El Said, Angelika Hülsse, and Bahar Meric. 


a one-on-one-performance ritual in collaboration with renowned Egyptian theatre maker, Nora Amin. This work seeks to shift borders through intercultural artistic experimentation, and by transcending all labels while recreating a healing human connection through performance. 

** blank: wer_weiß?
What does it mean to be white? Which privileges go along with whiteness? How do these privileges and the history of colonialism affect what white people (don‘t) know and think about the world? blank: wer_weiß? is a performance-collage about the experiences with white privilege in Germany and the path of self-critical recognition of the own white position. Challenged by the perspective and knowledge of Black Germans and Germans of Color two white German performers go through their own biographies, their school books, old travel guides, their diaries, newspapers and magazins becoming aware of the constant influence of colonial and racist knowledge on their lives and their perception of the world. 

** leises Gewühl
A park performance - inclusive, site specific and interactive. A community of performers guides a small group of spectators through a performative exploration of the wisdom of TREES to learn empathy from them.

** BodePower
a school class guides guests in an interactive, performative tour through sections of the renown Bode Museum, exploring "POWER - relationships" - a project of lab.bode, in collaboration with meet MIMOSA and Bahar Meric.