"Earthport" - eine Kollaboration mit Nora Amin/ Lamusica Independent Theater Group
in Zusammenarbeit mit "Vierte Welt" - Berlin und "Osiris"  - Kairo und: Shehab Ibrahim, Pasquale Virginie Rotter, Omar EL_Moutaz Bel'lah, Can Rastovic, Adel Abdel Wahab, Adham Elsaid

an intercultural experiment to shift borders, transgress labels and recreate a healing human connection through performance


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Premiere Berlin:
 6th of May 2016

Premiere Cairo:
16th of May 2016

"Earthport" will raise the question how healing ourselves and connecting to the world and others is possible in a local and at the same time global society promoting inequality and oppression on divers levels.  With a cast with multiple identities in terms of „nationality“, „religion“, “ethnicity”, „gender“ and „ability“  "Earthport" will explore how humans can connect with each other trying to transgress the dominant cultural and political narratives bound to these labels. In this human specific performance each spectator travels in an individual journey and joins performers in intimate one-on-one meetings on the way."

gefördert im Rahmen von Szenenwechsel, einem Programm der  Robert Bosch Stiftung und des Internationales Theaterinstituts.