meet MIMOSA is a performance collective that deals with the state we experience, when our perception of the self or of the world is shaken. It searches a  constructive handling of the consequent unsettlement. The project adds to critical academic discourses with movement, poetry and human presence. It takes heed of emerging emotions, physical reactions and states, researches them and creates through performance a space in which they can be felt and shared. 

Click HERE for information on the current project "Earthport" 2016 

Project "blank: wer_weiß?"- ongoing project since 2012 
 What does it mean to be white? Which privileges go along with whiteness? How do these privileges and the history of colonialism affect what white people (don‘t) know and think about the world? blank: wer_weiß? is a performance-collage about the experiences with white privilege in Germany and the path of self-critical recognition of the own white position. Challenged by the perspective and knowledge of Black Germans and Germans of Color two white German performers go through their own biographies, their school books, old travel guides, their diaries, newspapers and magazins becoming aware of the constant influence of colonial and racist knowledge on their lifes and their perception of the world. Opening up to their personal and common history they pass five psychological stages as described by Paul Gilroy/Grada Kilomba as: denial, guilt, shame, recognition and reparation.

meet MIMOSA was initiated in 2012 by Eva Isolde Balzer. It is developed in collaboration with Laura Werres, André Vollrath and a changing team. In the  production blank: wer_weiß? – directed by Eva Isolde Balzer and the collective – meet MIMOSA collaborates especially with author Sharon Dodua Otoo (dramaturgical assistance), spoken word artist Philipp Khabo Köpsell (textual assistance) as well as with a group of performers: Nayan Flood, Paula Führer, Julia Lemmle, Dirk Ludwig, Jamila Martin, Wamilika Mawakha, Sarah Mouwani, Tyrell Teschner. The new project "Earthport" is a collaboration with the Egyptian theatre group Lamusica Independent Theatre Group/ Nora Amin. The team includes Pasquale Virginie Rotter, Adham Elsaid, Shehab Ibrahim, Adel Abdel Wahab and Omar Bassiouny and Can Rastovic.